8th National Report of the Republic of Belarus on the implementation of the Convention on Nuclear Safety has been prepared


The eighth National Report on the implementation of the Convention on Nuclear Safety has been prepared in Belarus. Its development was carried out by the Department of Nuclear and Radiation Safety of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus in cooperation with interested government authorities and organizations. In accordance with international obligations, the report has been submitted to the IAEA for further review procedures.The document is available for download in the public domain on the Gosatomnadzor Internet-resource.

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The Convention on Nuclear Safety was adopted on June 17, 1994 and has the following objectives:

-       achieving and maintaining a high level of nuclear safety worldwide through the strengthening of national measures and international cooperation;

-       creation and maintenance of effective means of protection at nuclear facilities against potential radiation hazard, to protect individuals, society as a whole and the environment from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation;

-       prevention of accidents with radiological consequences and mitigation of their consequences if they occur.

The Republic of Belarus ratified the Convention on Nuclear Safety in 1998.

The participating countries (contracting parties) to the Convention prepare national reports on its implementation on a regular basis once every 3 years.

The 8th National Report illustrates the fulfillment of country obligations of the Republic of Belarus in 2016-2019, taking into account the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Belarus, which is the only facility that meets the definition of the Article 2 of the Convention on Nuclear Safety: “nuclear installation means for each Contracting Party any land-based civil nuclear power plant under its jurisdiction including such storage, handling and treatment facilities for radioactive materials as are on the same site and are directly related to the operation of the nuclear power plant”.

Belarus also has scientific nuclear facilities, the safety issues of which are also reflected in the National Report.

The document contains article-by-article information on the legislative and regulatory framework for ensuring nuclear and radiation safety, the regulatory body, the responsibility of the license holder, priority of safety, financial and human resources, human factor, quality assurance, safety assessment, radiation protection, emergency preparedness and other issues.

In accordance with the established procedure, countries that have ratified the Convention, will study the national reports of other Contracting Parties for 3 months and formulate questions and comments on them. The 8th Review meeting of the Contracting Parties will take place in March-April 2020 at the IAEA headquarters.

For additional information, contact the consultant of the Gosatomnadzor Oleg Sobolev, tel. (+375 17) 200-92-16

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